Toyota Supra 1st generation A40 (1978–1981)

Buying a sports car in the present time is not possible for most of the people since this will cost them a lot of money. But one can easily get a feel of driving a sports car by buying a used sports car from the past. If we go down the memory lane in the late 70s, the car that created a lot of buzz that time was Toyota Supra. Toyota was really having a tough time in the sports field with Celica to beat competitors like Nissan 240Z. In the late 70s Toyota decided to focus on their sports car segment and this is how Toyota Supra 1st generation A40 was born.

It didn’t take much time to become popular in the sports field beating its rivals. It grabbed the attention of the people so much so that Toyota decided to create a brand new logo for this particular Supra model especially. Though this model is currently out of production yet if you want to enjoy the thrill of riding the once popular sports car, you can buy that from online very easily.

Toyota Supra

The exterior of the car was not much like any sports car since the design was largely influenced by the Celica. However, there were some changes in the exterior of the car which made Supra Different than Celica. The main change was the length of the front part of the car. It was 5 inches long than Celica. The key intension was to create a room for the inline-6 engine. But the door and the front panel were much similar to its counterpart. The wheel bases 103.5 inches.

Now let’s have a look at the interior of the car. We must admit that this particular model was much ahead of its time. Though, the features are not so surprising these days but back in the 70s, these were really excellent. It had a tilt steering, a dashboard with AM/FM four-speaker stereo, analog clock etc. It also had the power windows, and obviously a sunroof. Thinking of these features back then was really incredible.

While talking about the performance, you may consider the configuration to be ordinary compared to present sports car but we are in the 70s now. In its time, Toyota Supra was a true sports car with 2.6 L inline-6 engine with a power of 110 hp and 136 pound-feet torque. The 1981 model could achieve a speed of 0 to 60 mph within just 10.24 seconds. And if you want to enjoy the performance of this eminent sport car of 70s, you can get in touch with a dealer near you.

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